Step into a realm where horsemanship transcends the ordinary—welcome to Marshall Performance Horses, a sanctuary of equestrian excellence owned by the dynamic duo, Seth and Michele Marshall.

Marshall Performance Horses

Marshall Performance Horses

A testament to dedication, collaboration, and mastery.

Marshall Performance Horses was founded on a shared passion for dressage and horsemanship. Explore the essence of equine partnership, where every hoofbeat resonates with the harmony of skill, dedication, and a profound love for the art of riding.

Branded collateral for Marshall Performance Horses clinic opportunity.

Our journey began with a bold challenge—to revitalize and modernize a brand, seamlessly transitioning it from the digital realm to the tangible world.

Tasked with creating an elegant and contemporary look, our focus extended beyond a mere logo redesign. We embarked on crafting a new landing page design that not only echoed the brand’s essence but also set stringent standards for its future aesthetic. In parallel, we addressed the need for versatile collateral, including eye-catching flyers and social media advertisements, ensuring a comprehensive brand overhaul.

Approved website design for Marshall Performance Horses


To meet the challenge head-on, our strategy unfolded with an artistic vision—creating a logo that encapsulated elegance, motion, and a touch of dressage and Spanish influence. We envisioned a stylized horse in full grace, paired with a sans-serif font that exuded strength without overpowering. With the logo as our anchor, we shifted focus to the digital forefront, planning a mobile-first landing page to introduce the brand’s rejuvenated identity. This strategic approach laid the foundation for a seamless transition into the new era, blending traditional elements with contemporary finesse.


The implementation phase unfolded systematically, beginning with presenting logo concepts in black and white. Once the perfect concept emerged, we seamlessly integrated a palette of colors in varied formats, curating a comprehensive logo package for both print and digital applications. The website design followed suit, with a minimalist yet on-brand approach, ensuring a user-friendly experience across devices. Finally, our creative journey culminated in the development of visually compelling flyers for social media, showcasing upcoming clinics and current training options. Each step reflected our commitment to precision, aesthetics, and a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.