Fargo the Throughbred.

Registered Mr.NightRide or otherwise known as Fargo, is my first ever show horse. But before he was a show horse, he was a race horse.

Mr.Nightride’s Track Days.

Mr.Nightride was foaled in 2014 to Debbie Strebig. While he is an offspring of the better known Mr.Nightlinger, he had a less than favorable history on the track. Only gaining about $31,866 compared to his father’s $644,355. He still did rather decent as he had two first places and only one third out of his seven starts (which were mostly claim races). In 2019 his racing days came to an end when he was sold to a jumping school in Florida.


In jumping school, Fargo grew an imense love for it all. A love he still has to this day, as shown in the pictures. His speed still shines through after he lands. After you have him go over even just one jump you have to work to keep him slow for your own safety.

Fargo 2023

Now that I own Fargo he no longer races. He now works on dressage, working equatation, and jumping fences. He is the sweetest horse I know and I am very lucky to have him.